Flushing and pressurising units based on 3PN32 pump

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Conducting hydrodynamic treatment of equipment and communications (heat, sewerage and water supply pipelines, boilers, collectors, drains, etc.), as well as for hydraulic testing of long-distance and field pipelines.

In the course of operation of equipment, engineering communications and facilities, natural and technological deposits are formed on external and internal surfaces of pipelines of heating networks, water supply and sewerage networks, hot water boilers and heat exchangers, in collectors and drainage systems, which:

  • reduce the service life of equipment and in some cases cause equipment failure;
  • lead to significant overconsumption of used fuel (gas, fuel oil), thermal and hydraulic losses.

Today, hydrodynamic treatment of equipment is the most effective way to remove all kinds of contaminants, deposits and sediments.

Advantages of hydrotreating:

  • maximum removal of all types of deposits (up to the main surface of the treated object);
  • A gentle regime that allows the method to be applied repeatedly;
  • 10-15% reduction of electricity consumption for water transportation;
  • full restoration of communications capacity;
  • reducing the number of unscheduled repairs and increasing the service life of equipment and networks without overhaul by 15-20 years (especially with regular treatment);
  • reduction of heat and hydraulic losses.

Unit composition

  • Three plunger high pressure pump 3PN32;
  • Diesel engine YaMZ-238;
  • Flexible high-pressure hoses with hose reel;
  • Shut-off devices (hydraulic gun and foot valve for controlling the jet and flow of high-pressure water);
  • Jetting nozzles (boiler or sewer nozzles);
  • Pressure regulator;
  • Control cabinet for monitoring the operation and parameters of the diesel drive and pump.

Design options:

  • on the vehicle chassis (KAMAZ, Ural, etc.);
  • tent shelter or in a container;
  • on the trailer, on the sledge and on the frame;
  • with a water tank (in case there is no access to centralised water supply),
  • with a pump for pumping the working fluid to the machine.
  • Technical specifications

    Parameters Pump 3PN32
    Highest discharge pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2)

    50 (500)

    Highest flow rate, l/s (m3/hour)

    2,1 (7,56)

    Power unit


    Drive power, kW (l/s)

    169 (230)