NC-320, pump 9T - Cementing pumps

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Piston cementing pump NC-320 is a horizontal, double-acting two-piston pump with built-in worm gearbox of increased load capacity. It is designed for injection of liquid media (clay, cement, salt solutions) during flushing and pumping operations and cementing of oil and gas wells during drilling and workover.

Technical specifications

Useful power, kW 108
Transmission ratio of the worm gear 22
Overall dimensions, mm 2385х750х2265
Weight, not more, kg 2760

The pump design was developed on the basis of the 9T pump with the use of a worm pair, one-piece stamped plate, other design and technological improvements that increased the durability and reliability of the pump compared to the 9T pump.

The main parts of the NC-320 pump and assemblies are interchangeable with the previously produced 9T pump.

Pump pressure and volumetric delivery as a function of sleeve diameter and number of double strokes of the piston

Number of double piston strokes, stroke/min Diameter of replaceable bushings, mm Ideal flow rate, dm3/s (m3/h) Top pressure, MPa
133 90 12,3 (44,3) 9,5
100 15,6 (56,2) 7,5
115 21,2 (76,3) 5,5
127 26,0 (93,6) 4,5
30 90 2,8 (10,1) 40,0
100 3,5 (12,6) 32,0
115 4,8 (17,3) 23,0
127 6,0 (21,6) 18,5