Piston drilling pump NB-125

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Drilling pump NB 125 is used for injection of flushing fluid into wells during geological exploration, structural and exploratory drilling, as well as for other flushing operations during workover of oil and gas wells.

The NB 125 is a double-piston, horizontal, double-cylinder, double-acting, driven unit with integrated gear reducer. The NB 125 pump is used for the following purposes:

  • for injection of flushing fluid when drilling oil and gas wells
  • for injection of liquid media during flushing and production operations during workover operations
  • for injecting water into the reservoir to stimulate oil production
  • for pumping highly abrasive technological oilfield liquids with solid particles during cementing, workover of oil and gas wells
  • for pumping liquids
  • for pumping various non-aggressive high-viscosity liquids, including watered oil.
  • Technical specifications of NB 125 Pump

    Labelling Nominal power, kW Crankshaft speed range,s-1(rpm) Limit discharge pressures, MPa Ideal flow range, l/s (m3/day) Suction pressure, MPa Diameter of cylinder sleeves and pistons, mm Weight not more, kg
    NB-125-16 125 1,26…1,67
    16+1 7,05…9,27
    0,02-0,6 90 2830
    NB-125-13 13+0,8 8,68…11,75
    NB-125-10 10+0,6 11,28…15,97
    NB-125-8 8+0,5 14,10…19,78

    Drilling pump designs

    Pump labelling Execution Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
    NB-125IZH 01 Without pulley and frame 2353x886x1960 2740
    02 With pulley and without frame 2353x980x1960 3100
    03 With pulley and on the frame 2353x980x2005 3190