Piston drilling pump NB-80

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The NB 80 pump is designed for injection of flushing fluid into a well during geological exploration and structural drilling and oil and gas extraction. In addition to the mining industry, the NB 80 pump is widely used in the food, chemical and construction industries for pumping various non-aggressive liquids. The NB 80 pump is a horizontal, double-cylinder, double-acting, driven pump with built-in gear reducer. The presence of a pneumatic compensator in the discharge system of the NB 80 almost completely eliminates the unevenness of liquid supply at the outlet.

The NB 80 pump has gained great popularity among consumers due to its high reliability, ease of maintenance and maintainability.

Technical specifications of NB 80 Pump

Pump labelling Power output, kW Diameter of replaceable bushings, mm Volume flow rate, dm3/sec (m3/hour) Top pressure, MPa Number of double piston strokes per min.
NB 80 80 80 5,5(19,8) 10,0 105
90 7,2(26,0) 8,0
100 9,1(32,7) 6,3
110 11,0(40,3) 5,2
120 14,0(50,4) 4,3

Drilling pump designs

Pump labelling Execution Dimensions, mm Weight, kg
NB-80 1 Pulley on the right side 1915x775x1215 1220
2 Pulley on the left side 1915x775x1215 1220
3 With air clutch and pulley on the right side 1915x1015x1215 1305
4 With air clutch and pulley on the left side 1915x1015x1215 1305
5 With friction clutch and pulley on the right side 1915x1020x1215 1305
6 With friction clutch and pulley on the left side 1915x1000x1215 1385
7 Without frame and pulley 1865x720x1355 1080