Cementing unit ANP-320 on Ural chassis

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Pumping unit UNBP-125x32 (ANP-320) without water supply unit (pressing unit) is designed for injection of various non-aggressive media into wells in the process of their routine and workover maintenance.


  • assembly base;
  • high-pressure pump;
  • manifold.

Pumping units UNBP-125x32 (ANP-320)

The units are equipped with a heating device for the hydraulic part of high-pressure pumps to ensure operation of the units at low temperatures. The units are equipped with a system for monitoring the oil temperature in the crankcase of the cementing pump NC-320 with information output on the vehicle dashboard.

Equipped with a manifold for simultaneous operation of several units during well cementing and a Ø50 mm adapter for connection to the suction hose receiving line.

A separate delivery of a set of mounted (deck) equipment of pumping unit UNBP-125х32 or equipment installation on the customer's transport base is provided.

Technical specifications

Assembly base Ural 4320-1912-30
Power drive vehicle engine (base)
Drawdown power, not more, kW 176
High-pressure pump NC-320
Useful power, kW 100
Maximum discharge pressure, MPa 40
Highest ideal flow rate, l/sec (l/min) 26 (1560)
Capacity of measuring tank, m3 6
Manifold conditional diameter, mm:
   — receiver line 100
   — discharge line 50
Cement mortar tank capacity, m3 0,25
Overall dimensions, mm 10150х2700х3225