AN-125 with electric motor on the frame

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Pumping unit AN-125 is designed for injection of flushing fluid during drilling of oil and gas wells; for injection of water into the reservoir during intensification of oil production; for pumping of various non-aggressive liquids, including watered oil.

Clay solution or water can be used as a flushing or pumping liquid. The content of mechanical impurities (sand, solid particles of drilled rock) should be no more than 1% by volume with hardness up to 1200 HV units.
Type of climatic execution - U1, placement category 2 according to GOST 15150-69.
Power supply system - three-phase alternating current network with nominal voltage 380 V, frequency 50 Hz. Electricity quality standards according to GOST 31309-98.


  • frame;
  • piston pump NB-125
  • electric motor;
  • V-belt transmission;
  • V-belt transmission guard.

The pump transmission shaft is driven by an explosion-proof electric motor via a V-belt transmission. The piston pump is bolted to the machine frame. The electric motor is mounted on a plate, which is secured to the machine frame with bolts. The frame of the unit has slots for the mounting bolts of the motor plate for adjusting the tension of the V-belt transmission belts.

Technical specifications of AN 125 Pump

Labelling Nominal power, kW Crankshaft speed range,s-1(rpm) Limit discharge pressures, MPa Ideal flow range, l/s (l/min) Suction pressure, MPa Diameter of cylinder sleeves and pistons, mm
NB-125-16 125 1,26…1,67
16+1 7,05…9,27
0,02-0,6 90
NB-125-13 13+0,8 8,68…11,75
NB-125-10 10+0,6 11,28…15,97
NB-125-8 8+0,5 14,10…19,78